Will My Dents Come Back? And Other Common Questions

Hail damage can be a pain in the trunk. And the hood. And the roof. And just about everywhere on the outside of your beloved car. But luckily, there is relief. When you contact Hail Depot for your auto hail repair needs, you’re getting the best paintless dent removal money can buy.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal, commonly known as PDR, is a collection of different yet effective techniques for removing minor dents, dings, doinks, and other minor creases from the body of a car without the need for paint. The specialists at Hail Depot utilize metal rods and body picks to gently massage or press the dents out from the underside of the body panel where the damage is located.

We also use glue and a specially designed tab from the outside to pull from that direction as well, allowing us to remove small high spots or even shrink the metal to make the surface flat again. PDR dent repair can be used on aluminum and steel panels, and because our technicians are so skilled they have the ability to blend high spots to match the texture of the paint without having to apply any additional paint, which could compromise your car’s value or look.

Now, we know that Hail Depot can return your car to a pristine, like-new condition by removing those dents.

So, what other questions do you have?

Below are a few more answers to common inquiries about Paintless Dent Removal.

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Will My Dents Come Back?

After professional treatment from our automotive paintless dent repair experts, your repaired dents will never come back. Because we are able to push, pull, and massage the panel back to its original form, or in some cases shrink the metal so that it becomes flat again, you can rest assured that your dents will be completely fixed.
The only time you’ll ever receive more dents is in the event of another hail storm, fender bender, or other incidents. Let’s hope none of that happens anytime soon!

What If My Car’s Paint Was Compromised In The Storm?

While this is an unfortunate, and in most cases very rare, situation, we understand that it still does happen. Sometimes, hail can be so relentless and severe that the damage it leaves behind can really do a number on our cars’ original paint. Hail Depot will do as much work as possible through our specialized paintless dent repair service in order to maintain your vehicle’s pristine factory paint job, but we are also equipped to handle additional problems through traditional paint and bodywork at our shop. Remember, we are here to ensure your total satisfaction, so any and all of the work done in our shop, whether it be paintless dent repair or more, is backed by our lifetime warranty.

How Long Will It Take?

We know that you’re eager to get back on the road, or maybe you just really need your car to get to work and run those important errands.
Our services generally take anywhere from one to three days, but of course it will depend on the amount of hail damage your car has experienced. We’re committed to getting our customers taken care of in a timely manner, though you can rest assured that excellence in our paintless dent repair services is always the top standard.

What Will I Do While I Wait?

Again, we’re sympathetic to the fact that you may not have any other means of transportation while your car is being repaired with PDR dent removal. Hail Depot will go above and beyond to make sure you avoid the stress of being wheel-less during your repair, which is why we offer free loaner cars to each of our customers. We’ll also save you money and stress by working with the major insurance companies to ensure the claims process goes smoothly.

Ready to get back on the road after the storm?

Go to the place where perfection meets a standard. Talk to us today about paintless dent repair, and find out how we can save you precious time, money, and stress after the storm has passed.

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