The Importance of Using a Professional For Dent Repair

The Importance of Using a Professional For Dent Repair

Let’s face it: There are dozens of home remedies and different solutions for auto dent repair out there on the World Wide Web.
We’ve even covered six of them – including tricks like using boiling water, a hair dryer and compressed air, wooden dowels and hot glue, a plunger, dry ice, or gimmicky tools – in an earlier blog. And hey, maybe you’ve found one or more of those tricks has actually kind of worked.
But chances are, you’ve found that those unconventional methods have actually done more harm than good.

That’s not the goal at Hail Depot.

Here, we want to get you set up with the best auto dent repair you can find. That’s our specialty. At Hail Depot, we are committed to providing our customers with a fast, effective, and stress-free way to get their car back to looking like new. That’s why we employ our innovative paintless dent repair techniques.

Our experienced technicians use a collection of techniques known as paintless dent repair (also referred to as paintless dent removal, or PDR for short), which can fix minor dents and dings in the body of a car without the need for paint or fiberglass fillers. Using specialized metal rods and body picks, we massage and gently push the dents out from the underside of your car’s body panel.

In some cases, we may even tap down the repair or shrink the metal from the outside in order to make the surface flat again.
Because the factory paint on most car models is so tough and flexible, this can be done without compromising the original paint job in any manner.

Sound easy? It’s not.

It’s a refined, complicated process that only an experienced technician knows how to do properly. Yet, we still hear cases all the time where people have tried (and failed) to do it themselves. Here are some foolproof reasons why you should use a professional for your auto dent repair.


Specialists, and specifically those at Hail Depot, not only have the skills and knowledge it takes for a proper paintless dent removal job, but they have the experience.

Our technicians have refined their skills through years of practical application, leaving a trail of satisfied customers and dent-free cars along their path. Auto dent repair isn’t something you can learn from watching YouTube. It takes the proper equipment, expertise, and resources in order to be handled properly.

Hail Depot is more than just a business. It’s a family business. It’s what we do. We’re family owned and operated, and our mission is written plainly. We strive to provide you with a stress-free experience while taking care of all of your needs in an efficient, professional manner through our proven paintless dent removal methods.


A do-it-yourself auto dent repair job may seem way cheaper. All you need is the materials, right? No labor costs, no insurance, no headaches. That’s not necessarily true. Paintless dent removal is more than just a practice. It’s an art. If you don’t have the experience, all of the tools in the world can’t help you do the job right. Attempting to fix an auto dent yourself may lead to you to cracking or chipping the paint, or even worse, damaging the panel beyond the point of no return.

All of a sudden, you’re back to square one and have to take your car into a body shop for a cost that’s exponentially more than it would have been if you’d just brought it to the Hail Depot in the first place. And if you’re worried about insurance, don’t be.

We work with all of the major insurance companies every step of the way to make the claims process as hassle-free and affordable as possible.
Better yet, we’ll do our best get it done right the first time. But, for some reason if you find we didn’t, our services come backed by a 100 percent lifetime warranty.

If you find that, for any reason, our work has failed, just bring your vehicle back to us and we’ll fix it properly at no additional cost to you.

Professional Service

Even if you were able to minimize your hail damage, chances are your vehicle isn’t going to look as good as it once did. With paintless dent removal from Hail Depot, it will. PDR dent repair can be used by a professional on steel and aluminum panels, which you may find are harder to manipulate. Our experienced specialists can blend high spots to match the texture of the paint job so that it blends seamlessly, eliminating the need for touch-ups later down the road.

Other benefits? We are an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, and we’re committed to high-quality customer service. We even offer loaner cars for your convenience! With all of these benefits and more, you can’t afford not to utilize a professional for your auto dent repair needs.

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