Common Questions And Concerns About Paintless Dent Repair

At Hail Depot, we often receive a lot of questions regarding our paintless dent repair services. Today we’d like to tackle some of those questions to help our customers better understand exactly what paintless dent repair is, and why it is such an efficient method of hail dent removal. If you have questions that we don’t answer here, give us a call! We’d love to talk to you about our services!

In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions about paintless dent repair:

First of all, what is paintless dent repair?

If you are unfamiliar with paintless dent repair, also called paintless dent removal or PDR for short, you may be wondering what paint has to do with dents. Maybe you are more familiar with do-it-yourself processes of removing dents that involve dry ice or hair dryers, or even the old plunger trick. But PDR is actually one of the most efficient ways to remove dents. It is done without removing any paint from the vehicle, sparing you the high costs of a new paint job. PDR is accomplished by massaging the dent out of the car from the back of the car panel. This means no scratches on your paint!

Is PDR covered by insurance?

At Hail Depot, we work with all major insurance companies to ensure a smooth claims process before, during, and after your vehicle has been fully repaired by our specialized technicians. If you have a comprehensive insurance plan, you shouldn’t end up paying more than your deductible, and because auto dent repair is our specialty, we can provide premium service at affordable rates! We are a full-service dent repair company, meaning we can also offer loaner cars while we restore your vehicle to pristine condition. Most car insurance companies consider hail to be an “Act of God,” and therefore hail damage won’t increase your premiums.

How long has paintless dent repair been around?

Believe it or not, this type of dent repair has been in practice for almost 80 years. Sometime around the 1930s or 1940s, it became a common way to quickly repair dents that happened on the assembly line at car plants, without having to go back and repaint any areas. Since then, the method has been perfected and popularized and is now known as one of the best methods of auto dent removal.

Why should I choose paintless dent removal?

PDR is the best method for when you want a dent to look like it never happened. This is because the original factory paint is never removed or disrupted, meaning there’s no need for patches or fillers. PDR is also usually around 10-50% cheaper than taking your car to a traditional dent repair, as it takes less time, labor, and materials.

In addition, PDR is a “green” option for auto dent repair. There are never any additional chemicals or paints used to repair your car.

Can PDR handle all of my dents?

Honestly, it depends. The smaller dents and dings that we deal with at Hail Depot are a specific kind of dent caused by hailstones colliding with cars. These types of dents can absolutely be removed with PDR. If a dent is particularly deep, it is possible that the metal may have stretched upon impact. If this is the case, we can actually shrink the metal to get your car back to its original smoothness. Larger dents, such as those from a car accident, are harder to remove with PDR, but it can definitely be done and will leave your car in better shape than when you started.

Why is PDR so great for hail damage?

Paintless dent removal is extremely effective for repairing hail damage for several reasons. The first is that hail damage usually involves small dings that do not damage the finish. Additionally, modern car paint is incredibly flexible, meaning that it can stretch a lot before it begins to crack. Hail damage, therefore, usually does not cause any cracks in the paint, making it a prime candidate for PDR.

Does paintless dent removal up my resale value?

Yes! If you were just about to sell your car and a hail storm unexpectedly hit, don’t worry. PDR is the best way to maintain the resale value of your car because you keep the original manufacturer’s paint and finish. You may be thinking that you could just match the paint color and spot-correct paint damage. However, when your car was manufactured, the original paint was most likely baked on at over 400-degrees Fahrenheit. So outside of a manufacturing plant, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to replicate your car’s original finish.

How long does PDR take?

This always depends on the extent of the damage. Because PDR is such a refined process, and excellence is our standard at Hail Depot, hail damage car repair can take anywhere from 1-3 days since there are often up to dozens of dents. However, this is still faster than most traditional dent removal methods take, and more reliable as well.

Choose Hail Depot For All Of Your Hail Damage Repair

At Hail Depot, we are committed to providing our customers with a speedy turnaround, pristine auto dent removal services, and amazing customer service. We know how stressful it is to file an auto insurance claim after a hailstorm when you already have so many other things to worry about. Leave the hail dent removal and PDR car services up to your trusted experts at Hail Depot. Call us to find out more information about our services or to schedule an appointment!

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