How To Take Care Of Your Car’s Paint Job

Whether you recently purchased your dream car, or you have had the same car for years, taking care of your paint job is an important factor in retaining the value of your vehicle. Not only is your paint job one of the most noticeable aesthetic features of your vehicle, it is also responsible for ensuring the protection of your vehicle. Peeling, cracking, chipping, or fading paint can lead to more serious issues like rust and deterioration. Taking care of your car’s paint job doesn’t have to be a huge hassle though. With some easy tips, you can help keep your vehicle’s paint job looking new. Even if your vehicle has recently suffered from hail damage, there are effective methods for retaining your original paint job like paintless dent removal. Read on to learn more about protecting your vehicle’s paint.

Cleaning Is Necessary

You may not care if your car looks dirty, but your paint job will care. Overtime, dirt and debris that builds up on your vehicle can cause damage to the paint job. Dirt is extremely abrasive and it can scratch your paint and wear off the protective layer covering your paint. Before you drive your vehicle through the nearest car wash, consider investing in your own cleaning products instead. Cleaning your vehicle by hand is one of the surest ways of keeping your paint free of damage.

Do not use dish soap or other products not specifically designed for cars. These products are often harmful to the protective layer on your vehicle’s paint. Hit up your local auto shop and purchase a cleaning solution designed for car paint. Only wash your vehicle with a cloth or sponge designed for vehicle use. Other materials can be too abrasive and result in scratching or swirling.

Use A Protective Product

After you clean your car, protect the paint with a wax. Before you wax your car, you can also opt for a detailing product like a compound, clay, or polish. Be sure you car is completely dry before you do any detailing or waxing work. When you wax your car, you add an extra layer of protection for your paint against debris and dirt. Be sure you use a microfiber towel or mitt to apply the wax. You do not need to wax your car every single time you wash it, as most waxing products will continue to protect your vehicle for upwards of three months.

Keep Your Vehicle Out Of The Elements

As much as possible, protect your vehicle from the elements. When your car is not in use, try to park it in a garage or under a carport. Excessive sun can damage your paint job, and parking your vehicle under trees can lead to damage from tree sap. During storm season, pay attention to the weather forecast and keep your vehicle out of harm’s way during particularly severe storms. Hail is well known for its destructive power, and one hail storm can leave your perfect vehicle a dented and dinged mess. If your car does wind up with hail damage, opt for Paintless Dent Removal. This method of removing dents will not harm your original paint job, allowing you to keep the value of your vehicle higher. PDR dent removal is an effective, gentle method in which dings and dents are removed using special tools that push or massage dents out. PDR will restore your vehicle without affecting your paint job. If you are trying to protect your car’s paint job, but you recently were affected by hailstorms, contact our team to schedule PDR repair today.

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