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Lubbock, TX was Mother Nature’s latest victim in her yearly spring rampage across the beautiful state of Texas. Hailstones the size of golf balls and baseballs bashed through car windshields and left dents and dings on any car, truck, and SUV that wasn’t protected.

Luckily, car owners have paintless dent repair on their side. Mother Nature has met her match when it comes to reversing the hail damage left on these hail battered vehicles.

What Makes Paintless Dent Repair So Special?

Paintless dent repair is a new technique used by both auto body shops and PDR specialty shops all across the United States. Texas paintless dent repair shop has taken this dent removal technique and spread its magic all over the dents and dings that can literally COVER a vehicle after a massive hail storm.

These are just a few of the benefits of PDR (paintless dent repair) used for auto hail repair.

  1. Paintless dent repair preserves your vehicles original factory paint job. 
    What makes PDR so unique is that no holes are ever drilled to pull out dents. This traditional auto body shop method is a way of the past. Skilled PDR technicians – such as the ones we use at Hail Shop of Lubbock, TX – use a special set of tools designed SPECIFICALLY for auto dent repair. Instead of pulling dents from the surface, they get BEHIND the dent and gently push it back to its pre-damaged condition. No paint is ever harmed during a paintless dent repair.
  2. Your insurance company LOVES paintless dent repair.
    Why? Because it saves both you and them money, time, and body shop revisits. The average PDR timeframe is roughly 2-5 days, depending on the severity of the hail storm. Secondly, because hail damage is covered by your comprehensive insurance policy, anything that costs your insurance company less money is a bonus for them. This doesn’t at all mean that PDR is a cheaper or less quality method of dent repair, it is just much more efficient and less invasive.
  3. GREEN & Clean Auto Hail Repairs.
    Paintless dent repair requires no paint, chemicals, or fuels – just good, old-fashioned skill and precision.
  4. Hail Depot covers your deductible.
    That’s right. Bring your hail battered vehicle to us for repairs and we will take care of your deductible. We’ve got you covered.

Lifetime Warranty.
With every Lubbock Auto Hail Repair comes a Lifetime Warranty on all dent repairs. That means, as long as you own your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Read our warranty here.

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