Hail Storm Rocks Mount Pleasant, TX

Mount Pleasant, TX Hail Disaster

Mount Pleasant, TX – March 2019 Hail Storm

Leave it to Texas to pull out all the stops and go big with the first major hail storm of 2018. For 7 1/2 hours, east Texas was battered and bruised by massive storms. Between the hours of 10:30 pm to 6:00 am, severe storms producing large hail, 70 mph damaging wind gusts, and a reported tornado ravaged  Lake O’ the Pines.

7 campers were reported injured at the Lake O’ the Pines campgrounds and 2 dead from storm-related injuries not at the campground.

Meanwhile, 50 minutes north of Lake O’ the Pines, Mount Pleasant residents reported 2-inch wide hail.  Significant hail damage to vehicles was reported across the town. Debris cleanup and damage assessment will take weeks due to the severity of the wreckage left behind by this amazing storm.

Schedule Auto Hail Repair Appointment

2-Inch Sized Hail

If you live in Mount Pleasant and have hail damage on your vehicle, call Hail Depot ASAP to schedule at time to get in for repairs. You can also schedule online. After a major storm like this, auto hail repair shops fill up fast.

Make sure you file a hail damage claim with your insurance company as waiting times can get extremely long after a catastrophic weather event.

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