Top 10 Reasons to Get Auto Repair

Why Should You Get Auto Hail Repair?

  1. Hail Repair Won’t Cost You a Dime.
    How can that be? If you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, your hail damage repair is covered under your policy. Take that along with Hail Depot’s “pay-no-deductible” promise, there is no reason NOT to get those ugly dents & dings removed!
  2. Resale Value.
    There will come a time when you will want to upgrade to a newer vehicle model. Unless you plan on keeping your hail damaged vehicle forever, there is no problem. But let’s say you plan on trading in your old car for the new. If you go to a dealership, they will take advantage of the fact that the vehicle you are trying to sell them has hail damage. They will greatly reduce the resale value of your vehicle, usually MORE than the cost it would have been to repair the damage in the first place.
  3. It’s Your Money. 
    If you are paying a monthly payment for a comprehensive insurance plan, (and if you live in Texas, Colorado, or any other of the states in Hail Valley – you probably are) then the money to repair the hail is yours! Don’t assume the damage is too little or that the cost to repair will be less than your deductible because it usually isn’t. Most claims adjusters will grossly underbid the cost to repair your hail damage. This isn’t because they want to pay-out less, it is simply because they don’t have the proper lighting equipment to identify all of the hail damage on your vehicle.
  4. Pride In Ownership.
    You didn’t buy your vehicle dented so obviously, you never intended on being the proud new owner of a hail damaged vehicle! In the beginning, you might be able to convince yourself you can LIVE with the dents but just give it a couple of years when the rust comes and the paint starts to lift…we promise you that the pride you once had in your beautiful car will quickly slip away.
  5. Paintless Dent Repair Is Affordable.
    If you are concerned that the small amount of hail damage you have on your roof or hood will cost you more than the amount of your deductible – don’t be. On average, the cost to remove a typical hail dent is around $25 dollars. Even better, the dent will NEVER return!
  6. Hail Depot Makes It Easy.
    We like to say, “We will make you an offer you can’t refuse!” Don’t worry, we are a family-owned business and would never go all Dirty Harry on you! We simply mean that with our pay-no-deductible, free rentals while you wait, and 100% guarantee is a deal that is hard to ignore.
  7. Insurance Companies LOVE Paintless Dent Repair.
    Before paintless dent repair, the only option for hail repair was what was offered at an auto body shop. The same techniques used to repair major dent damage was applied to removing smaller hail damage. The process was expensive, time-consuming, and honestly – a complete overkill. With PDR, the dents are carefully massaged away from the underside of the panel and takes a fraction of the time! Learn more about paintless dent repair.
  8. Your Factory Paint Warranty Stays In-Tact.
    When we repair your hail damage, we NEVER damage the integrity of the vehicles original paint warranty.
  9. PDR Is Environmentally Friendly.
    Hail repair with the paintless dent removal technique never requires drilling holes, BONDO, or repainting. This not only makes Mother Nature happy, your vehicle appreciates it too.
  10. Lifetime Warranty.
    All Hail Depot auto hail damage repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty. As long as you own your vehicle, we 100% guarantee the dents we repaired in our shop will never return. If you notice that we overlooked a dent, simply bring your vehicle back to our shop and we will repair it – no questions asked!

Auto Hail Repair With Hail Depot If you are still on the fence as to if you want to get your hail damage repaired or not, we hope these 10 reasons why you should change your mind! To learn more about auto hail repair or paintless dent repair, simply click on the links in our main menu. Visit our hail repair coupon page for even more reasons why you should get your hail damage repaired!

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