Call Hail Depot for Free Hail Damage Inspection


Step 3: Call Us or a Paintless Dent Repair shop near you for a hail damage inspection.

Next, schedule your free hail damage inspection appointment with Hail Depot or a paintless dent repair shop near you.

If you have your estimate from your insurance adjuster, bring it to your inspection. Insurance adjusters will usually always miss 30% of the actual hail damage you have. If your estimate for repairs is lower than your deductible, always assume the estimate they have given you is incorrect.

Don’t worry about paying your deductible either, Hail Depot will cover the amount up to $500 which is the average hail damage deductible if you have comprehensive insurance.

Call Hail Depot at 866-211-4245 or you can schedule a time to come in online using our form.

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