Document Hail Repair Damage


Step 2: Document Hail Damage

The next step in the auto hail repair process is to document the hail damage occurrence. This information will be very helpful if your insurance company has questions about the damage or if you need to back up a claim that is being questioned.

Take Pictures

Use your cell phone camera or digital camera to take pictures of the hail damage on every panel of your vehicle. You will need pictures of the roof, hood, trunk, front & back panels, and doors.

Document Hail Damage

Do a visual sweep of each panel. Count the number of dents & dings you can see. You will not be able to see ALL of the damage without proper paintless dent repair lighting but you should see some. Rule of thumb is – if you see a couple there are probably quite a few more that can only be seen with the proper equipment at a paintless dent repair shop.

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