7 Ways to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Spring storm season

7 Ways to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Use the following checklist to help you insure that your home and autos are ready for anything life throws at you!




7 Ways to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Storm season is on the horizon for Tulsa and Cleveland, Ok and it brings with it flash floods, tornado warnings and hail storms. Of course, these are events we each hope to avoid, but as we all know, sometimes life just happens. At Hail Depot, we understand how easy it is to forget those seasonal chores that help keep us ready for unexpected natural events. That's why we have taken the time to provide you with the following checklist to help you insure that your home and autos are ready for anything life throws at you!

Check out the 7 helpful reminders below to make sure your house and your cars or trucks are ready for this Spring storm season!

1. Verify your home and auto insurance policy is up-to-date.

Don’t wait until after a storm strikes to check what is covered by your insurance policy. If your roof receives damage from strong winds or your car is dented up with hail damage, you will want to know that your insurance company has got you covered! Do you live near a flood zone? If so, be sure that your policy also covers damage caused by flooding. Call your local Tulsa or Cleveland, OK insurance agent today to find out.


2. Is it time for new tires or a tire rotation?

Your vehicles’ tires experience general wear and tear that over time could lead to unsafe driving conditions. Bald tires on wet roads can quickly lead to loss of control and hydroplaning. Check that there is still plenty of good tread left on each tire and that they are wearing out evenly. More wear on one side could indicate that your vehicle is due for a tire rotation. A local tire shop in Tulsa or Cleveland, OK can assess the condition of your tires for you if you are unsure.


3. Clean out those gutters and downspouts.

The Autumn leaves were beautiful on the trees, but they have spent the winter breaking down and stopping up gutters and downspouts everywhere. Blocked downspouts cannot handle the rapid surge of water that rushes down your roof and into the gutters. This backup impedes proper drainage and can cause curtains of water to spill out of your gutters and onto you, your flower beds and belongings. Not to mention the more severe problems that it could lead to in the foundation of your home, if the proper flow of water is not restored.


4. Vehicle headlight and tail light inspection.

Sometimes a bad bulb in a headlight or taillight can accidentally go unnoticed. It can happen to anyone, but especially to those who do most of their driving during daylight hours and don’t use their cars’ lights much anyway. As dark clouds roll in and rain and hail storms spring up without warning, you don't want to be caught out driving without your lights! A quick walk around your vehicle will confirm if all your lights are good working order.


5. Verify that your windshield wipers are in good condition.

While you’re out checking your auto’s tires and lights, take a quick peek at your wiper blades. Are there any rips or tears along the edge? Do they show signs of cracking or breakage? If so, be sure to install a new pair of blades before tackling a drive in any sort of inclement weather. You can find replacement blades at your local Tulsa or Cleveland, OK auto parts store.


6. Make sure there is room to park in your garage or carport.

Taking the time to clean out your garage or carport area may not be your top choice for Saturday afternoon fun, but having a secure place to park your car out of the weather could save you a headache down the road. We understand that not everyone has a garage at their disposal, that’s why the team at Hail Depot recommends that you keep in mind a “back up plan” of a safe covered place to park when hail storms are possible in your area. The parking garage at a nearby mall, or an empty bay at the carwash down the street make excellent temporary shelters when storms strike.


7. Cut dead limbs and trees near your home and outbuildings.

Everyone loves a big beautiful shade tree, but remember to cut and prune your trees each spring to rid them of any dead limbs or branches that could fall during a storm and cause damage to the roof of your house. If you park outside, take a moment to check if there are any branches over your parking area that also need to be removed. Even small limbs can cause large dents and dings to the hood, roof, and trunk of your car truck when falling from so high.

While it is important to protect your home and autos this storm season, Hail Depot wants to remind you to put the safety for yourself and your family first! We encourage you to add this final Bonus Reminder as you complete your Spring Storm Preparedness Checklist!


Bonus Reminder:

8. Prepare a family emergency bag.

Have a small bag of personal items ready to grab and take along should you need to seek shelter during a storm. Handy items to pack include: a change of clothes, bottled water, hand held snacks such as granola bars or small packs of trail mix, a flashlight and batteries, a small storm radio, and anything else you feel you might need in the event of a natural disaster. There are many comprehensive lists of items for your emergency bag that you can find online if you need help with further ideas. Click Here for More Ideas!


Taking steps to protect yourself, your home, and your autos can pay off down the road. We can never fully prepare for a major or catastrophic natural disaster, but keeping up with these seasonal chores can help slow down the trouble caused by heavy rains, tornadoes, and hail damage during these Spring storms in Tulsa and Cleveland, OK. If you are sadly one of the many who will be affected by hail damage to your car or truck this year, Hail Depot is standing by to help you through the aftermath and get you back to the sunnier days ahead!

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