Common questions about our Paintless Dent Repair service:

What exactly is PDR?

PDR is the acronym for “Paintless Dent Repair.” It is an effective method for fixing dents and dings without stripping the paint and repainting, which can be very expensive. The technique itself involves using various tools to work out the dents and dings from the underside of the affected surface. We consider PDR to be a specialized art and we have decades of practice.

What kinds of damages can PDR remedy?

PDR is a suitable solution for shallow dings and dents on the flat surfaces of your vehicle. If the damage has removed paint, is comprised of a significant dent, or is very close to the crease or bodyline, PDR may not be the right solution.

My car was damaged in a hail storm. Will PDR help?

If the dents from the hail are golf ball sized or smaller, we can likely erase the dents using PDR. Some hail damage to difficult areas (mentioned above) cannot be remedied entirely using PDR.

I’ve got my own rubber mallet. Can I do PDR myself?

You can absolutely try your hand at fixing the dents with home remedies. However, if you accidentally make the dents worse, we might not be able to fix them completely.

Should I use PDR to increase the value of my vehicle?

Absolutely! PDR is an excellent treatment to help make your car look new – especially if you are in the process of trying to sell your vehicle.

The paint is cracking. Should I still consider PDR?

We can use PDR on cracked paint to prevent the need for Bondo or other fillers. However, the damaged area will require painting to get the vehicle back to perfect condition.

Is there drilling or hole punching in PDR?

We’ve heard the rumors about other auto shops trying to fix dents using drills and punching holes, but that is not our method. If we can’t reach a dent with paintless dent repair, we contact you before taking further action.

Will the dents pop back?

We’ve never seen dents “pop back” after PDR. Unless you run into another hail storm or other damage-causing incident, the dents won’t reappear.

Other common service questions:

Do I have to pay my deductible on a hail damage repair?

No. We don’t think you should be penalized when Mother Nature strikes. That’s why when you come to us for an insurance claim hail repair, we cover the cost of the deductible for you.

How long do repairs generally take?

Repair time can vary depending on the severity of the damage. With simple door dings, repairs are usually done the same day and are often completed while you wait and relax.

With more substantial and complex dents or hail damage that covers the car, it can take up to several days to complete. A free evaluation from one of our experienced team members can give you a more concrete time frame.

Does your repair center provide a courtesy loaner vehicle?

Yes! Hail Depot utilizes our own fleet of well-maintained courtesy vehicles for those who are not covered under rental insurance. Some restrictions do apply.

What if additional damage is found during repairs, or my insurance company’s estimate is lower than the repair shop’s estimate?

Insurance companies and repair facilities both write estimates based on the damages they can see. If there are additional damages or part price increases, we will contact the claims supplement departments for approval. In many cases, the insurance companies require one of their field adjusters to inspect the additional damages and approve further charges/payments. Once the adjuster comes to an agreement with the repair center, additional damages payment will be issued directly to the repair facility.

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